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Villa Catcher Paradise with Unforgettable Views Gorgeous private villa with 3 levels of breathtaking views overlooking Mount Olympos and the Mediterranean Sea. Pristine outdoor pool & dining area, great for entertaining or relaxing with family. Stunning sea view​ and sunrise & sunsets are visible from all rooms, verandas, and pool area. Located in the peaceful town of Beycik, situated in the Kemer ​d​istrict of ​Antalya, Turkey.

So much beauty to see and explore nearby.

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Turkey is famous for its beauty, beaches and its heritage and it is the one of the most famous tourist destination. There are lots Holiday villas to rent in Turkey with all the amenities, one can easily stay there. Officially turkey is the Republic of Turkey and it is bordered by eight countries. There are various tourist places to visit in turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, Ephesus, Izmir, Bodrum, first ottoman capital and the great mosque of Bursa, Ancient history, churches, cathedrals of Ani and many more. Hagia Sophia is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world and the most famous tourist place and Cappadocia underground cities are the most fascinating tourist attraction in turkey. If you are planning to go turkey then you should visit these places. If you want to explore more places in Turkey then you can hire guide he/she will help you to see new places and also tell you the history behind these places.

The eighths most popular city in turkey is Antalya. It is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast and also it is the Turkish's biggest international sea resorts, situated on the Turkish Riviera. There are various historic sites in Antalya like Ancient monuments, Hadrian's gate, Iskele Mosque, Karatay Medrese, Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque, Yat Limanı and many more. Antalya is the fabulous combination of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture and there are lovely beach parks for kids where they can play games or enjoy a lot. There are Villas in turkey from where you can explore nearby beauty and historical places and From Villas you can see Stunning Sea view, sunrise and sunset are visible from all rooms, verandas and pool are also available. In Villas you have your own personal space, no one can disturb you.

There are lots of villas available in turkey for rent, depending upon requirement you can take villa or apartment. Different facilities are provided for villas and apartments. Vacation time with family or someone special is precious so try to make this time memorable for life time. The villas are the perfect choice for families with children, each villa have private pool. Extra services like housekeeper, chef, maid etc are easily arranged by the villa owner.

People who want to visit turkey with family or colleagues can take Rent holiday villas in Turkey. For holidays in turkey you should decide clothing in advance. Local people of turkey wear stylish casual dresses, clean and modest dresses and one should also take some decent dresses because in some places like mosque wearing shorts, sleeveless tops are not allowed, one have to wear burqa or full dress covering arms, knees and shoulders. For visiting outside the city for trekking, sightseeing are advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothing and shoes should be sports shoes or comfortable shoes in which you can walk for long.

In turkey the official language is Turkish but widespread Kurdish language is used and some people use minority languages Arabic and Zazaki. When you visit turkey you will see that the taxi drivers don't speak English so it is advisable to learn few words of Turkish or Kurdish language. Turkish language is not tough you can understand easily. If you are planning holidays in turkey you don't worry about the stay, there are various Villas and Apartments in Turkey for Rent. These villas and apartments have all facility and comfort like well furnished bedroom attached kitchen with all the facilities like TV, dishwasher etc. The staffs in villas takes care of all your needs and they also provide outdoor facilities like private pool, special preparation for dinner and amazing atmosphere to make your day or evening more special. If you are planning for holidays with someone special then this is the best idea to take villas in Turkey to rent.

Planning for shopping in Turkish city take the opinion of some person who is aware of the market because in many tourist places the shopkeeper takes over charges from the tourist, so be careful. And when you visit crowded area taking care of your belongings. In turkey there is wide range of different types of healthy food for vegetarians and non vegetarians. For Visiting new places in turkey try to prefer public transport like trams or local busses.

Before going for holidays properly check everything about the place. You should know about the latest things going on that country and if there is any casualty or any issue going on then don't go and plan for some other place. It is advisable to check in advance the booking of villas or apartments, transport etc. Villas in Turkey are well suited for the people who want to enjoy nature or sea. You can also book villas or hotels online. Spend some time in turkey and enjoy the beautiful and natural beauty.

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Beycik is a peaceful village situated in the Kemer District of ​Antalya, Turkey.